Hi Neighbor! My name is Alice Renee Speake and I’m running to represent you, District 3, on the Birmingham City Council. I have lived in Birmingham for 9 years and come from a family of wildlife conservationists in Auburn, Alabama. Currently I work as a Library Assistant with the Jefferson County Public Library Cooperative, but I have lived many different experiences - I have been an anatomy teaching assistant at UAB, a housekeeper, a cook, a server, a tutor, courier, and an office specialist in a law firm. I am a grassroots organizer and serve as the networking coordinator on the CellA65 activist team where we have organized protests, vigils, and work with many nonprofits and grassroots organizations in and around Birmingham. I am honored to fight alongside my neighbors to make lives better for all of the people of Birmingham - these are the people whose voices have been left out of government!


My Platform

Open Communication

I want to hear from you! My first priority is making sure I’m accessible to hear your thoughts, concerns, hopes, and dreams as my neighbor in District 3. If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me or call (205) 282 - 9214.

Environmental Sustainability & Climate Justice

The policy changes envisioned in the Green New Deal are already being implemented around the nation at the local level. In Birmingham, we can put forward pro-climate, pro-jobs, pro-equity policies that help lay the groundwork for a national Green New Deal, including committing to 100% renewable energy by 2035. We must also address pressing local issues such as remediating Brownfields and fighting for policies that decrease air pollution.

Increase Investment into Public Infrastructure and Public Services

Investments in Birmingham’s culture and recreation, including public libraries, green spaces, and public parks, have been steadily declining over the past 10 years. As a person who works as a library associate, I understand how critical these services are to our communities and will fight to restore funding and to keep them fully funded.

We must increase infrastructure investment, including increasing funding for street paving and sidewalk repairments, and making our sidewalks ADA compliant. Additionally, we have to ensure that our recycling, trash and bulk trash pick-up services are intact, and that our stormwater system is properly updated, including ensuring that our sewer covers and storm drains are functional, as they have been crumbling into drains and contributing to flooding.

Affordable Housing and Poverty Reduction

Rent and housing costs are skyrocketing, we must fight to prevent the displacement of our most vulnerable residents, including working class families, the elderly, and students. As Councilor, I will fight to pass rent control ordinances, and push for the City to follow its own recommendations such as creating a Birmingham Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and a Southside-Red Mountain Community Land Trust.

The people in each neighborhood best understand their communities’ own needs, which is why I will push for the City to implement Participatory Budgeting - a process where the people vote on how they would like to see the budget - THEIR MONEY - spent!

Prioritize Public Health and Safety

We must address crime at its roots by implementing violence interruption programs and addressing poverty and mental health issues. I will advocate for Birmingham to fund the Peacemakers programs, a violence interruption program, and CAHOOTS, a program that sends mental health crisis specialists to health related calls. We must prioritize safe and effective treatment options for mental health issues in our city.